Master / Detail / Detail problem . PLEASE HELP!

Master / Detail / Detail problem . PLEASE HELP!

Post by Miroslav Lis » Fri, 26 Jul 2002 16:46:50

I'm trying find some information which can help me solve my problem. I
can make Master / Detail Datagrid. I found many articles over the
network and I thing I understand them. But I searched many times for
Master / Detail / Detail Datagrid and I dindn't found any helpfull

  The problem is I can't catch the 3-rd nested datagrid event
on_Item_Command. I building a tree view for some application, and I
suppose that the full deep will be six. So Master / Detail / Detail /
Detail / Detail / Detail. Item command fires imagebutton on the
template for each datagrid.

this is my webform1.aspx html source


               <asp:imagebutton command="expand1"  

       <asp:boundcolumn datafield="Name"></asp:boundcolumn>

               <asp:placeholder command="expand1">

                  // here comes the some datagrid as parent structure
                  // nested imagebutton, little diferent boundcolumn,
                  // placeholder ...




I can't handle imagebutton2 command item.
I use

private void DataGrid1_ItemCommand(object source,
System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridCommandEventArgs e)
        PlaceHolder PlaceHolder1= new PlaceHolder();
        ImageButton ImageButton1 = new ImageButton();
        ImageButton ImageButton2 = new ImageButton();

        if (e.CommandName=="Expand1")
        PlaceHolder1=  (PlaceHolder) e.Item.Cells[DataGrid1.Columns.Count -
        ImageButton1 = (ImageButton)
        ImageButton2 = (ImageButton)
        if (ImageButton1.ImageUrl == "images/plus.gif")
         ImageButton1.ImageUrl = "images/minus.gif";
        ImageButton1.ImageUrl = "images/plus.gif";            

//      if (e.CommandName=="Expand2") {} - this not works ... !!!!!


Please . if you know some teorymlinks, code of building more deep
nestet master/detail/detail datagrids ,please send me the reply. I
realy need it and I'm to solve this. Thanks a lot of