print web page

print web page

Post by May » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 03:46:03

is it possible to print a web page by using the PrintDocument class?
The thing is that I need to print out some data in a nice format if
possible, to a client's default printer.  I got the printing part
working.  But I want to format the page first before it prints.  I want
to create a web page to gather all data in a table and print out the web
page.  So what I see is what the client gets.  I don't know how to print
a web page by using System.Drawing.Printing.  Currently, I put all data
into stream and use PrintPageEventHandler to format the output by
reading from stream.  But I want to format the data into a table on a
web page and print out the page.  Please let me know if anyone knows.

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Dear all,
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Thank a lot :-)

Ayrton Pheonix da silva

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