DataList EditItemTemplate object reference==null

DataList EditItemTemplate object reference==null

Post by Diede in't Vel » Wed, 05 Dec 2001 23:03:48

I'm trying to fill a listbox of an itemedittemplate. But When I try to refer
to the object after I have done:
TmpList.EditItemIndex = e.Item.ItemIndex;


The object is still null. I don't know where to fill my listbox for I don't
run any other code.

Please help.


1. Attempted to Reference a Null Object Reference ???

Hi there,

I constructed a class named CDownloads that derives from a class named CQueries. It has a method named GetTable that reads data from table and returns an ADODataReader object. The ADODataReader is used as a data source in a GridControl.
I have used this class with no problems for a long time, but today it returns this error :
"Attempted to Reference a Null Object Reference"

Does anybody have any idea about this problem ? Is it a problem of Beta 1 ?


Andreas Baini Rahmeier
Scope Systems

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