DataGrid - TemplateColumn

DataGrid - TemplateColumn

Post by Adrian SALANT » Wed, 16 Oct 2002 23:29:52


I have the following aspx fragment:

<asp:DataGrid ID="grid" runat=server
                <asp:TemplateColumn HeaderText="First
                                <asp:Label ID="lblLogin"
Visible="True" Text='<%# Server.HtmlEncode (DataBinder.Eval
(Container.DataItem, "firstname").ToString())%>'
Runat=server />

I want to dinamically generate more asp:TemplateColumn-s
(like the one that I have) from the codebehind page (c#).



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I'm confused by what the current API is for Accessing the

All the documentation and tutorial articles say to do this:

private void DataGrid1_Update(object source,
System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridCommandEventArgs e)
    DataRow dr = dataSetInvoices1.Tables["Invoices"].NewRow();
    TextBox box1 =
    dr["invoice_number"] = box1.Text;
    TextBox box2 =
    dr["invoice_date"] = DateTime.Parse(box2.Text);
    Session["Invoice"] = dataSetInvoices1;

But the found controls only contain the value of the Textboxes as delivered
to the client, not the newly typed values in the "EditItem" Textboxes.

What am I missing here? Is there a pre-step to get the datagrid to accept
the user's text and other control input, or do I need a different API than

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