User control (drop-down list) in editable datagrid.

User control (drop-down list) in editable datagrid.

Post by Chris Baile » Tue, 06 Aug 2002 19:05:12

I have a drop down list in a user control. When using it
on a simple insert screen it works fine. If however it is
used in an editable datgrid, I can only extract the first
item from the list instead of the selected one, using the
following code:

Dim temp As ulhDropDownList = e.Item.Cells(1).FindControl
Dim txtSite As String = temp.strSelected

See attahched file for full code.

Does anyone have any ideas why this might happen?

Many thanks.

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Hello All,

I am looking for a .NET drop down list that allows the user to edit the
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A good example is at

I want something just like it written as a .NET server control.  And Free of


Direct all replys to:  Mike Riston

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