WebForm FLICKER? DoubleBuffer?

WebForm FLICKER? DoubleBuffer?

Post by Steven Van Dyk » Tue, 06 Aug 2002 09:52:12

It seems everytime I hit a button on my webform, it reloads the page in the
browser (and flickers). Is there a way to eliminate this. Like, can the
browser draw double-buffered?



WebForm FLICKER? DoubleBuffer?

Post by Daniel Lemir » Tue, 06 Aug 2002 21:37:14

The page flickers simply because it reloads the page from the server. The
slower the connection, the longer the time of the flicker. There's only one way
of reducing the flicker and it's to set the page SmartNaviguation property to
true. But beware, some client computer may lock up when setting it to true...



1. to doublebuffer or not to doublebuffer?

hi , im making a usercontrol right now
and i have some problems with the painting in .net
i the old world , i could create a compatible bitmap
attach a dc to it and draw to that dc
then blit the whole thing onto the screen , flicker free
and fast...

but in .net im having some major problems.

if i use "setstyle (blah.doublebuffer,true)" , nothing

if i then add "setstyle(blah.alldrawinginwmpain,true)" the
flickering stops but everything gets VERY SLOW!!!!
seems like the clr is allocating a backbuffer bitmap for
me ERVERY time the onpaint event occurs , correct???

so i figured if i could create my own backbuffer and draw
to that things would be faster since i could persist the
backbuffer between onpaint events.

DOOOH , NOPE! , well i could persist it but blitting that
inmemory buffer to the screen was even slower than using
the builtin backbuffer

so what am i supposed to do if i want to use a backbuffer
w/o nasty performance???

and is there any reason why it takes ages to blit a
inmemory graphics to the screen??????


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