BUG? TemplateColumn in DataGrid Visible=False

BUG? TemplateColumn in DataGrid Visible=False

Post by Jenn » Sun, 06 Jan 2002 01:41:23

I have a template column in a datagrid control.
If I set the Visible property on the templatecolumn to
false like so:
<asp:TemplateColumn Visible=False>

The value in the column is not passed on Grid Update.
However if I just simply change the Visible property above
to True (no other code changes) then the value IS passed.

Is this a bug?



1. Visible=false for datagrid bound column means no value?

When I set a bound datagrid column's visible property to
False, the following statement:

CType( e.Item.Cells(0).Controls(0), TextBox ).Text

equals "".  But if I turn the visibility to True, it fills
with the value.  So how does one add a column to a
datagrid that isn't visible to the user, but is present
(containing data) to the datagrid?  Is there a "Hidden"
type of column that can be used in a datagrid?

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