Time-out waiting for response from webservice

Time-out waiting for response from webservice

Post by Shawn Lipsco » Thu, 10 Apr 2003 02:47:23

In a C# web application, I try to tap a webservice.  The C# web
application and the webservice are on the same web server (running

The webservice completes its task, but the C# web application, after
about a minute, throws the following exception:  "The operation has
timed-out." (more at bottom of this message).  I can tap the
webservice successfully from a standalone app running on a different
machine and get the expected response.

I have seen lots of references to this timeout in this group, but no
solutions.  Does anyone know what's causing it and, more importantly,
how to fix it?

The operation has timed-out.

Stack Trace:

[WebException: The operation has timed-out.]
request) +76
request) +5
methodName, Object[] parameters) +183

Thanks in advance,
Shawn Lipscomb


1. webservices how long waiting time.

Depending upon the information being processed at the web service level, and
the amount of information being sent back (complex or primary data type),
you should probably plan on seconds for open Internet web services.

Don't forget that you should also put exception code in your web service
consumer code to account for the possibility that the web service call may
timeout (or be unavailable).

Doug Thews
Director, Software Development
divine Managed Services

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