Cannot add Web Reference

Cannot add Web Reference

Post by Xidon » Sun, 26 May 2002 05:24:06

I got the way to fix it.

Uncomment the following statement in machine.config

<add verb="*" path="*.vsdisco"
, System.Web.Services, Version=1.0.3300.0,
Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a"

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>Hi everybody,

>Recently, I'm learning how to building Web Services. And
>built a Web Services project and tested it successfully.
>And then I created a ASP.NET web application to consume
>web services. But when I used 'Add Web Reference', error
>showed "The document was not recognized as a known
>document type (WSDL, XML Schema, or Discovery document)
>for the following reason: -The content
>type 'application/octet-stream' is not valid for an XML
>documnt." (Please see the attached file).

>Any idea?
>Big thanks.


Cannot add Web Reference

Post by Sulabh Shrivasta » Sun, 26 May 2002 10:01:57

Q307303 INFO: Troubleshooting Add Web Reference Issues

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Cannot add Web Reference

Post by David Q » Sun, 02 Jun 2002 07:29:30

See this article:

INFO: Troubleshooting Add Web Reference Issues (Q307303)

Situation 2:

Thank you,
Microsoft Developer Support
Distributed Services


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I've read a LOT of responses to questions about adding web references.
 Unfortunately, none of them have helped my situation.  Whether I use
UDDI or a local web service the same thing always happens.

In the left hand pane, the web service loads properly.  I can view the
supported opperations and test them (they all work on my local web

In the right hand pane, 'Downloading Web Services Files...' stays up

The browser never stops, and I can never add a web reference.

I've made sure that *.vsdisco are active verbs in the machine.config

I get the 'Web references on local computer' hypertext link - and it
works properly.

I have NO proxy issues (I'm working on my local machine which is
attached to a hardware router/firewall - nothing special there)

I have no IIS file registration issues (I had to fix that a while

Has anyone run into this problem and does anyone know a solution.

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