'dsPrepValveInfo' is ambiguous in the namespace 'InternalApp'.

'dsPrepValveInfo' is ambiguous in the namespace 'InternalApp'.

Post by Stewart Saathof » Wed, 13 Mar 2002 03:08:56

Can someone please explain this to me in plain english?  dsPrepValveInfo in
my example is an XSD file that I have created and referenced in my
application.  This odd error only occurs after I compile the dll for the
application once.  To get around this, I have to get out of VS.Net, delete
the dll for the application in the bin folder, then open VS.Net back up and
recompile the dll.  If no dll exists in the bin folder, then everything
seems to work perfectly, if there is one, however, I get this error.

As you can imagine, this is a very trying experience on my patience when I
make code modifications and then try to recompile...

I am begging someone to explain to me in plain english what is going on

P.S. This is the perfect example of a vague, non-plain english answer:
You have provided a name that is ambiguous and therefore conflicts with
another name. The Visual Basic compiler does not to have any conflict
resolution rules; you must disambiguate names yourself.
This is not the problem as I haven't used that name in my application.
Thanks for the help....hopefully