Disappearing controls from aspx

Disappearing controls from aspx

Post by Maktha » Sat, 10 Nov 2001 02:49:10

I developed a web application in VS7 Beta 2.
For while I looked and worked great.  But now I have this
major problem.
The aspx pages looses the visual controls.
I open the project in VS IDE and look at the page, some
controls are gone.  I looked at the HTML code and they are
not listed there either.
But in the vb.aspx file the declaration (Protected with
events.... etc) are still there.  Therefore the compiler
does not complain.
When I run this site, I get errors displaying those pages
with missing controls.  
                Server Error in '/TRNet' Application.
                SystemNullReferenceException.  Value null
was found where an instance of an object was required.

When this happened first time,  I thought I had deleted
some controls by mistake.  Even though the missing
controls seem to be at random on different pages.  I
rebuilt the pages and ran the site a couple of times.  
Closed the VS.  After a while when I opened the
solution/project the controls are missing again!

Anyone else have any ideas, similar experience


1. Controls disappeared from aspx page

Perhaps this is bad form, to post a reply to my own
question, but I found the answer and I thought someone
else might experience the same problem.

I found this in another posting on another topic, but it
applies to this question:

"There are known problems with the
VS ASP.NET designer losing EVERYTHING for your project if
you don't wait
long enough for it to render the form before clicking the
HTML button."

Microsoft supposedly has a fix, but you have to request
it and you may or may not get charged for a support
incident.  I have decided to be careful until the first
service pack is released.

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