DataList Question

DataList Question

Post by ELeb » Wed, 19 Jun 2002 17:59:17

Does anyone know how I can dynamically add
attributes to the "<td>" tag for a datalist.  I want to have it so that each
cell has onMouse* events.  I have tried using the onItemDataBound event, but
I can't get it to work.  Anyone have any ideas for me?



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I have 3 questions:

1/ I have a datalist that contains 3 columns.  I want to separate the
last column from the first two - item, item description, and price.
Is it possible to create a vertical line between item description and

2/ How do you format the percent to be 45% instead of %45.00?

3/ How do you put the sum of the amount in the footer?

Thank you so much for helping!

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