M-FSK passaband simulation in SimuLink

M-FSK passaband simulation in SimuLink

Post by DeeAitc » Mon, 15 Sep 2003 23:43:00


I've some problems...

I just want to simulate a FSK link in simulink by using passband
M-FSK blocks and AWGN channel. Then calc. BER with the "error calc."

I don't get it to work as it should!
I've typed in the data in the FSK blocks:
Carrier. 860MHz, M=2 and so on...
Simulink dos'nt complain but I don't get any signals out from the
modulator an none from the demodulator(!)! The DataRate of the source
is 9600bps och the symbol period 1/9600 in the modulator...

What can be wrong?

Can someone please help me and tell me how I should build a correct
model that works!

Many thanx...