use a timer with Matlab Compiler

use a timer with Matlab Compiler

Post by Cédric Van Elsuw » Thu, 09 Jan 2003 16:41:58

With Matlab compiler, it is not possible to compile functions that
contain object. My problem is that I want to use a timer, and this
function use an object. Is there another possibility to use a timer
and that is accepted by the Matlab Compiler.

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Dear All,

I have written a dll for a client using the Matlab compiler.  Everything
works if the function is run from the command line, however, the client
would like to call it as an Windows NT Service.  When the he calls it as a
Service the function refuses to work.  I am not familiar with the technical
side of NT Services, could anyone give some clues as to what the nature of
what the problem might be and any resources that could help?

Many thanks

David Bryant

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