Frame-based data with integer delay feedback path

Frame-based data with integer delay feedback path

Post by David Murra » Fri, 28 Jun 2002 03:49:48

When using an integer delay in a feedback path and frame-based data,
Simulink returns an algebraic loop error if the delay is not at least
as great as the frame size.  Does anyone know of a way to overcome
this problem without going to sample-based data?



1. a system with delay part, closeloop feedback problem

I can use the following commands to simulate a  time-delay transfer
function. But how to make a close loop with step response.  It seem that
command "feedback" cannot handle time delays.

h=tf([1 2],[1 13 24]);  %h== (s+2)/(s+5)(s+8)
set(h,'inputdelay',5);  %h== exp(-Ts) (s+2)/(s+5)(s+8)
step(h);                        %step-response

Thanks a lot for your attention.

Ma Jie

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