spline interpolation of surface in 3D

spline interpolation of surface in 3D

Post by Stefan Stol » Thu, 29 Jul 1999 04:00:00


I am trying to model a closed surface in usual xyz space.
Data are given by x,y and z. x and y are gridded, and z
gives the third coordinate: z(x(i),y(j)) is eighter zero or
double valued, i.e. the surface is not defined over all
the rectangular region.
The problem with using simply the splines toolbox function


is that this function needs an equal number of z components
over the whole rectangular (x,y) region.

Is there a workaround?
How can I interpolate the whole surface?

Thanks for help


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1. spline toolbox - interpolation of topologically rectangular 3D data set


i need to create a bivariate cubic Bspline interpolation to a
_topologically_ rectangular grid of data, being control polygon points of
a CAD patch which is highly 3D, and not _geometrically_ rectangular.

(.mat file has data as 3 matrices - xcoords mtx, ycoords mty, zcoords mtz)

however the demo TSPDEM.m only details this for _geometrically_
rectangular data, which in addition has (x,y) mapped to the unit square.

i can't work out the solution - some of the problems i have are as

a)      the bivariate interpolation


        seems to assume that X1,Xm are geometrically perpendicular. how do
i account for the fact that my surface parametric directions are not
aligned with (x,y)?

b)      to obtain the 2 knot vectors, i have to use chord-wise normalised
parameterisation on each line of u=const, v=const points. i then take as
the u or v knot sequence the average of the knot sequences for u=const &

for i=1:nu,

  coefv(:,:,:,i) = [mtx(i,:);mty(i,:);mtz(i,:)];
  ddv = diff(coefv(:,:,:,i)')'
  tv(i,:) = cumsum([0,sqrt([1 1 1]*(ddv.*ddv))])
  tv(i,:) = tv(i,:)/tv(i,nv)
  lt = length(tv(i,:));

  kv = kv + [0,0,0,(optknt(tv(i,:),3)),1,1,1]


  knotsv = kv/nu

  spv(i) = spapi(knotsv,tv(i,:),mtz)

%similar for u-direction

        if i try and use the subsequent knotsu,knotsv vectors in SPAPI
with {X1..Xm} = {coefu,coefv} and Y = mtz, i get [any number of] errors.

c)      if i try and use SPCOL to gain the collocation matrix and then
construct the bivariate spline values 'by hand', i have problems with TAU
since my KNOTS are chord-wise normalised vectors but my data TAU isn't.

i would greatly appreciate some ideas.


will kellar

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