2D Finite Difference Grids?

2D Finite Difference Grids?

Post by James Tousignan » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone know of any free/shareware MATLAB scripts that generate
grids for 2D Finite difference problems?? One with an adaptable grid

Thanx in advance.



I am looking for a MATLAB based mesh generator that will make a "Finite
Element" type mesh (grids and elements). As an alternate, a "finite difference"
type mesh generator would do, for at least the grid coordinates generation.
Would be nice if it had graphic displays. Examples of commerical codes (not
matlab based) would be say like PATRAN or HYPERMESH. I am looking for a simple
matlab based version of one of these examples (either commerical or shareware
or better yet, free). The model geometry to be meshed could be simple geometric
shapes (2-d and/or 3-d).

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