Statistica Neural Networks and Matlab

Statistica Neural Networks and Matlab

Post by Andrzej Smolar » Tue, 04 Jun 2002 21:37:52

Does anyone tried to move trained networks (weights, normalization etc.)
from SNN to Matlab? I have experienced a problem that I get different
activations for the same type of neuron in both programs, the difference
is not big for high activations yet for small ones it reaches one order
of magnitude.
The more general problem is that I get quite reasonable results from SNN
that I'd like to apply in simulations of control systems. IMO SNN has
more convenient interface and more inteligent learning tools.
Thanks for help.

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I'am working on the TDNNs. I implemented one tdnn on Visual C++ and I
want to simulate the same tdnn (with my sample base) on matlab in
order to verify my results.
I am using Matlab 5.2 and the Neural Network Toolbox.

Can you explain me if it's possible how I must do to implement a tdnn
on matlab.

Thanks in advance!!


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