Matlab troubles with recursive functions

Matlab troubles with recursive functions

Post by Gerrit Van de Veld » Sat, 08 Nov 2003 01:14:00

I have some problems with Matlab 6R12. When i execute my function,
matlab crashes when the recursion is too deep (too much recursions).
It's not the 500-limit, I have set it much higher and the crash
occurs before the limit was reached.

If someone is eager to look at the code, all tips are appreciated,
I'm quite desperate and I'm thinking to migrate to coding in C
instead of Matlab if i can't get it fixed... But that'd be a shame :\

The function is designed to label every white region in a BW image
with a label (1,2,3...) until no more regions are discovered that are
not connected to another pixel.

Here are the source codes:
easiest to experiment with it is to type these lines after you saved
everything in the right m.files:

Quote:>> a = repmat(1, w, h); % w = width in pixels, h = height in
>> b = find_components(a);

It'll crash whenever the region of white pixels get too big :/


function result = find_components(input)
global img;
img = negate(double(+input));
global label;
label = 0;
img(1,1:size(img,2)) = 0;
img(size(img,1),1:size(img,2)) = 0;
img(1:size(img,1),1) = 0;
img(1:size(img,1),size(img,2)) = 0;
for i=2:size(img, 1)-1
    for j=2:size(img, 2)-1
        if img(i,j) == -1
            label = label + 1;
            search(i, j);
result = uint8(img);


function search(i, j)
global label;
global img;
img(i,j) = label;
Nset = neighbors(i, j);
for k=1:size(Nset, 1)
    if img(Nset(k,1), Nset(k, 2)) == -1
        search(Nset(k,1), Nset(k,2));


function Nset = neighbors(i, j)
Nset = [
    i-1 j-1
    i-1 j
    i-1 j+1
    i j-1
    i j+1
    i+1 j-1
    i+1 j
    i+1 j+1


function a = negate(a)

a(1,1:size(a, 2)) = 0;
a(size(a,1),1:size(a,2)) = 0;
a(1:size(a,1),1) = 0;
a(1:size(a,1),size(a,2)) = 0;

for i=1:size(a,1)
    for j=1:size(a,2)
        if a(i,j) == 1
            a(i,j) = -1;
            a(i,j) = a(i,j);

also, if you want some help understanding this code, don't hesitate
to mail me if you may have a clue why this doesn't work.


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Can somebody give me a minimal working example, if this is a supported
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Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,   Fred


Dipl.-Inform. Fred Rapp

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