Matlab 5 & Linux

Matlab 5 & Linux

Post by Jakob Sigurdss » Tue, 23 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone run into problems with Matlab 5.1.0
and subplot on Linux. We have RedHat 4.1.
On some occasions it will not print all the graphs.

The same m-files run smooth on a Sun machine.

Jakob Sigurdarson


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Hello, and thank you for your help.  Sean helped me on getting past one
stage of the Matlab installation, and now I need help with the next.  I
installed it correctly, but now it says
"The MATLAB installer program is finished.  Perform the remaining steps as
described in the installation section of The Learning MATLAB book.  You must
configure docopt.m so that docpath contains the path to the help files on
the CD."  I have lost my book, so I do not know what exactly to do.  If Sean
or someone could help me, I would appreciate it greatly.


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