Does DVF support the %VAL() construct?

Does DVF support the %VAL() construct?

Post by Carlos Muril » Fri, 29 May 1998 04:00:00

Dear fellow comp.soft-sys.matlab'ers:

I have a mex interface to a sparse quadratic program solver written in
Fortran.  It works fine under Solaris, but I would like to use it under
win95.  However, it uses the %VAL() construct extensively, and I need
to know if DVF supports it before I go and buy it.  Has any of you used
%VAL() in DVF?  Thanks for your help,


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1. Does Digital Visual Fortran support the %VAL() construct?

Yes, DVF supports %VAL. I am using it in some calls of C functions
from Fortran.

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