Phase recover

Phase recover

Post by Simba L » Sat, 08 Nov 2003 05:10:48

  I am dealing with a phase recover& unwrap problem.
  Suppose there is a temp*signal which is given by:        
          I = Ib + Im*cos(phi(t) + phi0);
  where Ib, Im and phi0 is constant or with quite lower frequency comparing
  with the phase signal: phi(t). Of coz 't' means time.
  My problem is how to recover the 'phi(t)' signal.

  This problem is simple if
          phi(t) = omega*t;
  The simplest way is utilizing Hilbert Tranform I guess.
  But the signal I got is sth like:
          phi(t) = omega * cos(k*t);
  Frequency of the signal 'I' is then quite complicated. I have tried
  Hilbert Transform and no wonder I failed.

  Can anyone give some idea?

  I appreciate for any advice.


Phase recover

Post by Ohad Ga » Sat, 08 Nov 2003 08:25:24


under the condition, that your data is sampled dense enough (i.e. k
<< 1/T), you could try a strait forward method.

your function is:
I = A + B*cos( w*cos(k*t) + phi0 )

lets define:

U = (I-A)/B = cos( w*cos(k*t) + phi0 )

where A and B are found by (approximately):
B = max(I)-min(I)
A = ( max(I)+min(I) )/2

then find:

V = acos(U) = w*cos(k*t) + phi0

assuming that w and phi0 are constants as well, find them like you
found A and B.

W = (V-phi0)/w

and last,

R = fft(W) -> the peaks will indicate the value of "k" (you know
the Fourier theory)

if the noise is fairly low, and A,B,phi0,w are approximately
constants, this should work.



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