Inherited Graph

Inherited Graph

Post by Chia C Chon » Wed, 04 Dec 2002 20:50:49

Hi there!

Would it be possible to inherit another graph (smaller one-inner graph) into
an already exist graph (bigger one-outer graph)?



1. bug: INV does not inherit systems sample time

A = rss(4);
A.Ts = 1;
B = inv(A);

ans =



??? Error using ==> lti/ltimult
In SYS1*SYS2, both models must have the same sample time.

Exactly where (in which mfile) can I correct this problem?
lti/inv, ss/inv, zpk/inv, ...
What does this command do (line 54 of ss/inv):

sysinv.lti = inv(sys.lti);

Christophe Lauwerys

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