Testing multiple users without CPS?

Testing multiple users without CPS?

Post by Tapestr » Sat, 15 Dec 2007 08:42:23

I have set up my roles, it all seemed straight forward up to the point were I
was to add more users. I looked in help, and it seems you can only add users
using CPS...which is odd if i can set up the permissions just using contribute.

 Im not keen on dragging my admin to the different user roles - in case it
locks me out or something.

 Do I have to install Contribute on other machines to use other users? (Im on a
MAC, I suppose I can install COntribute on my parrallels XP - but what a pain)

 any help, thoughts, ideas greatly appreciated


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I've CPS Enabled on the website using LDAP authntication on websphere. I've
created bunch of groups in our addressbook (i.e. 'Site Managers' for Admin
role, 'Site Writers' for Writer role, ) this groups contains bunch of users for
their appropriate access. From site administration, when I click on Add User
and search for those groups in LDAP, it founds it, but than when i click on ADD
it says 'Site Managers' group not found. any ideas why does it say, even though
its there. please let me know.

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