Kernal Panic when Printing in Mac OS X 10.2

Kernal Panic when Printing in Mac OS X 10.2

Post by Andy Hegedu » Sun, 10 Nov 2002 11:01:28

I have a PDF file created on a PC that causes a kernal panic or a finder quit when I attempt to print. If the finder quits, it will restart but kernal panic shortly after the restart.

I can print fine in Preview. Any solutions (other than just use Preview)?

I have tried version 5.05 and 5.1, it happens in both.


Kernal Panic when Printing in Mac OS X 10.2

Post by Aandi Inst » Sun, 10 Nov 2002 18:50:21

You should report this to Apple. If an application causes a kernel
panic, the system is at fault; that's the Unix rule.

Aandi Inston


1. OS X kernal panic, jdbc and Ultradev

Started happening after I upgraded to 10.1.2 I *think* it's a java
related issue: when UD calls the jdbc driver it nukes the whole
system. UD runs fine if I don't have jsp on the page but if I go to
edit a connection then it crashes OS X. Let me be clear, it's not UD
that goes down, I get a kernal panic - absolutely
reproducible...Thoughts anyone? I've upgraded every piece of software
on the system:

OS X Client 10.1.2 with all the software update fixes
OS 9.2.1
mySQL jdbc driver: mm.mysql-2.0.8 in OS9 java extensions folder
Ultradev 4.05 with jdbc update from macromedia update page installed
mysql 3.23.47

Apache 1.3.22
Tomcat 4.01
Apache Tomcat connector: webapp-module-1.0-tc40

The kernal panic happens even if all I have running is UD and mySQL so
the rest of the items aren't related.

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