Payment Reminder with the Trial Version?

Payment Reminder with the Trial Version?

Post by Chris William » Tue, 15 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I am using the Trial Version of MS Money and I can't seem to get the icon
to come up on the taskbar.  I'm not using IE 4.0 or anything like that.
Any ideas on how to fix this problem would be great!
Chris WIlliams


1. Money 99 trial version, trials and tribulations.

        I've downloaded money 99 from the microsoft site.  I
downloaded the 12mb file and before that, followed the instructions to
upgrade IE, to version sp1.

        After installing money 99,  a message popped up stating that a
file was missing and the program could not start.  The error message
did not report which file it was. :)   I installed it in it's own
directory and thinking that it might need a *.mny file to start, I
copied sample.mny from my money 95 directory, to no avial.  I then
removed money 99, rebooted and installed it over the top of money 95,
also to no avail.

        I'm doing all of this because money 95 keeps telling me I
don't have a modem installed to contact my e-bank account.  When I
dial in, it can't get past the "connecting" sequence and it
dis-connects and gives me the message that no modem is connected and
to adjust the settings in control panel.  I've tried all the settings
possible, even though I'd never had a problem before.  I've
re-installed the modem as well.  

        Secondly, now IE shuts down because of an illegal operation,
everytime I try to load a secure document from the internet.  Netscape
has no problem, however with both browsers I'm now getting a lot of
messages about being reset and pages not loading on the first attempt,
although they do load without that message on the second attempt.
And, my desktop becomes completely inactive after IE crashes.  I can
resolve that problem however, simply by ctl+alt+del, and shutting down
explorer, which re-sets the desktop.  

        So, someone please tell me what to do about money 95 not being
able to complete the connection with my bank, first of all.  Secondly,
what file may be missing from the 99 trial version.  TIA.

Shea F. Kenny (Moonbear, Lunar Development Corp) (Updated 9/6)
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