Monthly expenditure averages in Money 2000?

Monthly expenditure averages in Money 2000?

Post by James5145 » Sat, 06 Jan 2001 08:40:37

So I dutifully recorded all my expenditures during the year 2000.  Now
all I want to do is have Money show me what my average spending was per
month on food, etc.  But the only way I can tell to do this is to look
the yearly totals and divide by 12.  Can it be that Money can't do this
for me? Any advice appreciated.

Thanks, James


1. Can Money give a monthly average report?

        I want to be able to average catagories.  For example, I want to see
the average amount we spend on groceries per month, deriving the average from
data between 6/94 and 12/96.  Even better than that would be to see the
average amount we save per month!
        I can't figure out how to do that in Quicken 4, and if I upgrade it
will be to Money, so does Money, or Quicken for that matter, do my averaging

    Wilson Callan

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