Cannot update from Trial Version 2004

Cannot update from Trial Version 2004

Post by Jondoesne » Sat, 04 Oct 2003 01:59:18

I have purchased Money 2004, but the trial version will
not let me update, due to a corrupted Money 2004 install
file.  It says I need to reload from the web, but where?

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I've been using Money for 3 years and now discover after BUYING the
international version(5.0)that I can't upgrade my database.

MS knowledge base confirms this is not possible too and I'm left with 1
option... print out 3 years of database and re-enter eveything manually.

So Microsoft are washing their hands on another paid up "customer" but
is there anything I can do? I'm know its a simple matter for engineers
to recode the trial version so the export feature works. Or even MS may
be a little more customer focused and distribute an applette that can do

Any help appreciated


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