banks and debtors databanks

banks and debtors databanks

Post by Richar » Wed, 12 Jul 2006 05:30:40

Are there websites where banks around the world store debtors and the
debtors of there clients? I know that banks have such a
system(website/databank) where they store debtors. Clients of those
banks can ask by these banks for a search instruction(s) to check there
clients world wide. How can I access such a Databank or what is de web
address such a website ?

Many thanks



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I've got Money '98 and am pretty happy with it. Even considering it came
without manuals on a new machine I bought.

I would like to truly customize the invoices - the layout on may page
doesnt sit properly and even with "header" selected it actually runs
into my header on my letter head - (largely because we use A4 paper here
down under).

Also how do I get it to track my debtors once if invoiced them ???


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