Converting old mny files to $98

Converting old mny files to $98

Post by Shakeel Aja » Fri, 13 Mar 1998 04:00:00

"money is unable to load file dbcnv98.dll"

Has anybody received this error message when opening old mny files in $98.
Steps to re-create this program

1. open $98.mny file   (file already converted to newer version)

2. file/open <old.mny> file  (in my case version 4 file)



1. Money 97 Files Won't convert To $98 from floppy?

I have just got a new computer that I have just installed Money 98 on. The
problem that I am having is that the backup from Money 97 will not go into
Money 98. When I try to open the 97 file from the floppy, I get a message
that the Money 97 file must be closed first before it can be converted? I
have tried to copy and paste it in but it will still not open.(It opens with
the title but no data or accounts.) So I am stuck with the 97 backup disk
and a 98 program that is empty except for "Sample". Could someone please
tell me in detail how to convert this, in detail, as I really dont want to
have to re-enter all the accounts and data. Thanks in advance, any help
would be appreciated.

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