How do I correct wrong statement date?

How do I correct wrong statement date?

Post by Tim Trebesc » Tue, 10 Apr 2001 05:37:09

I am using Money 2001

I entered a 12/31/01 statement date in my 401K tracking center and now I am
unable to enter information with a date of less than 2002.  I have not been
able to find how to change the date or delete the 12/31/01 transaction.
Any suggestions?



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Since I upgraded to Money 2003 (from Money 98) I have had
problems with the date when entering common deposits or
common withdrawals in the register.  When in the check
register I click on Common Withdrawals then Upcoming
Bills.  This brings up a list of some upcoming bills like
it should.  Beside each bill is the date the bill is next
due.  This is all as it should be, the problem is that
when I choose a bill and it fills in the register, it
fills the date from a couple months ago (It looks like it
is around the same date I upgraded).  It does this with
all bills and all deposits.

Any ideas??

T. Buck.

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