auto categorize existing transactions.

auto categorize existing transactions.

Post by Prave » Sun, 17 Nov 2002 19:47:18


I have lots of downloaded transactions from several months. Is there
way a way to categorize one transaction and tell money to automaticlly
categorize the rest in 2002/2003?



1. Using Money 2004 and auto categorizing downloaded transactions???

I received Money 2004 on a new laptop that I bought.

All I want to do with it is download all my account transactions from Bank of
America, pull them into Money, and have everything autocategorize based on the
name so I can easily see 'where the money goes' , ie mortgage, bills,
entertainment, etc.

I can't see any easy way to do this.

I can download and import data fine from BOA.  The problem is that each
transaction has a date encoded in the payee such as LOWES 0212 or LOWES 0215 so
that EVERY TRANSACTION to the same payee is treated as a different payee.

I found some rudimentary filtering in the payee rules dialog, but it is very
weak in that it cannot filter numeric data, only specific strings.  If it had
regular expression exclusions, for example, I could easily create a regexp to
remove any sequence of 4 digits surrounded by space...

So here are the problems:

1) Money doesn't seem to have a facility to autocategorize based on payee name.
I should be able to set a default category for each payee in the payee details
screen (for example, DIRECTTV is assigned Bills:Cable/Satellite ), and apply
that to ALL transactions to the payee.

2) Why the heck can't I select more than one transaction to assign a category?
for example, if I could CTRL-click to select ALL of the transactions to
DIRECTTV, I could assign the Bills:Cable/Satellite category to all of them in
one shot, but NO I can't do this.

3) I can't see all of the transactions to the same payee anyway because of the
date string problem!  Double clicking on DIRECTV 0210 just shows that one
payment, and not all DIRECTTV payments.

If I am totally missing the boat here then please let me know.  But I could not
figure out a way to solve any of the above problems.

Can anyone recommend a different product that actually has some decent filtering
capability, and works the way it should with online account data?


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