GST input

GST input

Post by cadkiw » Wed, 12 Jul 2006 19:19:01

Im been using Money 2000 (shame on me for not updating) for a few years and
as ive recently become GST registered I now have to input GST amounts, both
on invoices I send out for work done and bills paid such as petrol,
stationary etc. Ive worked out how to do it on the invoices side but when it
comes to  assigning GST amounts to bills paid - Im ready to pull my hair out.
Can someone please help a non tech head?

1. Input of inventory from a vender: What is the best way to input a inventory from a vender?

I currently just track the total invoice. If I get several invoices from a
particular vender then I just track the total amount plus shipping and
handling charges.

At the end of year I can deduct inventory from gross fee's. Normally I bill
out less than 3k to 5k a year in hardware and software. I make money on the
service call. But what if I want to track my monthly inventory going out? Is
there an easy way to accomplish this?

As an example I bill out 6k in fee's and 1k in hardware I needed to provide
the client. In my invoice I can create different rates. But how can I track
just my costs in inventory. Also I have less than 1k in inventory at any one

Also when I do my invoices I always have to input the state tax rate. Can I
set it as a default each time I create a new client and invoice?

To get reports to print on a single page all I had to do was decrease the
size of the column in settings for the report........Thanks!

Oh by the way after helping my friend with Money 99 Personal and Business
addition, I purchased a copy for my self as well...........<grin>

Thanks Again for your help!


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