CD Home Sampler 1997

CD Home Sampler 1997

Post by Kaz Krupsk » Wed, 16 Apr 1997 04:00:00


Maybe someone will answer this question for me :

When will there be a new CD-Sampler of the Microsoft Products.
Now I use the previous version, but that is very old. I will know something
about Encarta97 Encyclopedia and WorldAtlas. When will you make so knew
catalogus. I will wait for it.

Kaz Krupski

P.S. Please sent me your answers by mail!!!


1. mico money version 5.0 1997

    When printing the income and expense report there are
unassigned transactions in the report that were assigned
to specific accounts. There are also budget numbers that
were put in on a monthly basis that so not appear on the
printed reports. The account transactions report appears
to be correct because it shows the correct categories and
amounts. When printing "How I'm Doing On My Busget" the
total for each catergory and amount do not print correctly.

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