Debt Reduction Planner-Money 2005 Deluxe

Debt Reduction Planner-Money 2005 Deluxe

Post by Robi » Thu, 13 Jul 2006 23:47:01

I have reviewed the threads re: DRP problem where incorrect amount is
carried accross into the payment schedule. i.e: you choose fixed value of say
$ 3000.00 monthly - in the payment schedule it reflects a value of $18000.00.

There is mention of resetting the DRP by going to tools then settings then
planner - reset planner.

Problem I have is that knowhere do I find the option to reset DRP in Money
2005 Deluxe.

Please - is anybody able to assist???


1. Debt Reduction Planner has unrealistic first payment [2005 Dlx]

I've seen other posts on this board mentioning this would happen if there are
payments in the current month as opposed to the next month. I've assured
there are no payments this month, as they have all passed.

The problem is I've set up my desired date, included the accounts I want to
whittle away, and pressed next...

What I saw was a payment at the beginning of the month just about 40% more
than the paycheck I'd be getting the day before its due! More importantly, I
do have [other] bills to pay, LOL.

I guess what I'd like to know is what does DRP actually look at to determine
what types of payments are possible? Does it look at the existing budget I
have in place, my bills, my scheduled income via paychecks? Is there anything
I can look at to see if it's not seeing something?

I've already tried the Reset Plan option with no change in the first whopper
of a payment.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer! :)

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