Recurring online payees always downloaded as new ones

Recurring online payees always downloaded as new ones

Post by Z » Thu, 26 Dec 2002 23:54:12

I wonder if I am doing something wrong, or Money 2003 dlx and MSN Billpay
are so poorly integrated:

- I have Pacific Bell set up as an e-bill presenter on MSN BillPay
- There is no way to pay this e-bill through Money, if I want to do it, I
will go against a separate payee with the same name
- If I pay the e-bill on MSN BillPay, outside Money, EVERY MONTH it will
create a new payee in Money.

It's bad enough that the two are not coordinated, but the least one would
expect is that the original MSN-created payee is further recognized in Monay
and all future payments are accumulated against it.   This way I only have
two (poor) choices:

- Pay directly from MSN BillPay, and manually merge the separate payees
(which, btw, have indentical data)
- Pay from Money, and keep on accumulated overdue, unpaid e-bills on MSN

Is it really so bad, or have I missed some magic here?