Money 2004 won't run on WIN2K Workstation

Money 2004 won't run on WIN2K Workstation

Post by David Felto » Wed, 03 Dec 2003 12:32:17

Uninstalled Money 2000 and installed Money 2004. Rec'd
error message from Money install warning to disable Norton
Antivirus to prevent errors. I disabled realtime file
protection. Install completed, but Money 2004 will not
run. Error message states "Unable to inititialize a
required Money compoent. Please reinstall Money from our
oritican product disks".  Upon clicking YES to "Do YOu
want to check the installation of Money 2004?", the error
message "A required registry value is
missing "Requiredinfostate" then the error
message "Microsoft Money is not installed correctly. This
utility was unable to fix the problem" and includes HEX
error code: 0x8007064A.  Multiple reboots, uninstalls and
reinstalls does not fix the problem.  Any thoughts out
there?  Never had this trouble with Money 2000...
Thank you in advance.

1. Error's After installing 2004 - Won't Run

I tried running Money several times immediately after
installing it:

Microsoft Money has encountered a problem and needs to
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Error signature:
AppName: msmoney.exe AppVer: ModName :
ModVer: Offset: 000dc6e5

How to i solve the problem?

I'm wondering, is it maybe a conflict w/ Visual
Studio.NET or MS Office XP Developer~?


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