Reports using memo data field

Reports using memo data field

Post by jbyer » Wed, 10 Sep 2003 09:48:10

In past versions of Money, I was able to specify data in
the memo field to create reports. I can't figure out how
to do that in Money 2002. Is is possible?

Reports using memo data field

Post by jbyers » Wed, 10 Sep 2003 10:12:15

Never mind -- finally figured it out. (Use Tools, Find to
search for keyword in memo field, then click on the Create
Report button.)


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Note sure if this is specific to BofA, or if I'm just
missing something.I am using MS Money Deluxe 2004, but
also had same prob with 2000

When I download ofx (problems with qif also) statements
the Payee or <name> is truncated to 32 char which
normally I wouldnt care since money only allows 32 char
in the payee feild. Problem is my transactions in the OFX
are like this:

<MEMO>INTERLINK NETWORK TRANS ****** ON 07-03            
CUSTOMER ******** PAYMENT TO                     ACME    

Is it possible to auto match Payees using the info from
the memo feild? Right now any debit purchase shows up as
INTERLINK NETWORK TRANS and I have to modify the payee
every friggen time.

Thanks in advance from any help.

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