Will Money small business do my personal as well?

Will Money small business do my personal as well?

Post by drstev » Sun, 09 Jul 2006 04:45:02

I currently have the home deluxe version, but I want to monitor my business
as well.  Should I stoip my efforts and go to money small business?

1. Money 2001 - mixing personal and small business use

I have been using Money for personal transactions for some years, and
recently upgraded to 2001 P&B so that I could also run a sole-trader type
business within the same database.
During the start up phase, some business items are being purchased using a
personal credit card. The help file states "If payment for a purchase
invoice is made out of a personal bank account, then the amount will be
added to the balance sheet category Capital Introduced."
This is exactly what I would expect from an accounting perspective, but
Money 2001 does not allow me to do this. In order to include the purchase in
my VAT reports, I have to enter a purchase invoice in the Business Centre,
but when I want to pay the invoice, Money will let me choose only from
Business Accounts. It will not allow me to designate existing personal
credit cards as business accounts either.
Is this a bug? Advice would be much appreciated, so that I can make a quick
decision as to whether Money 2001 will support the financial management of
my business as well.
Thank you very much.

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