conflict with money2002 and IE6

conflict with money2002 and IE6

Post by Ray » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 10:20:06

If IE6 is installed before money2002 it causes a coruption
to Explorer.  It only allows one explorer window open at
one time. If you try to open a second it will eventually
lock my pc. (unless I close the first window)  It also
stoped me from useing any link that tried to open a second
window. (some secure sites).  I was able to solve it by
installing money2002 first and then updateing to IE6.  
This took about six months of reloading and experimenting
to find.  I hope this helps someone out there.

1. IE6 vs. Mozilla As Default Browser for Money 2004

I've been having a lot of problems connecting to obtain stock and mutual
fund quotes with my newly installed Money 2004 (WIN98, upgrading from
Money 2002).  I've tried every suggestion I could find on this board and
have spent 3 hurs on the telephone with MS.  Neither my converted file
nor the sample file Money provides will receive updates, though I can
update credit card transactions.

Tonight I tried for the first time setting Mozilla 1.5 as my default
browser and instructing Money to use it.  Miracle of miracles, on the
first try, Money successfully downloaded and updates stock and fund
quotes, credit card transactions and obtained the Money updates
successfully.  (Quick aside:  Good news since the market was up strong

However, on subsequent attempts, Money returned to its obstinate ways,
an dresumed showing errors on calls to update quotes, but not credit
card transactions.

I've tried clearing cache within Mozilla, deleting files, switching back
and forth to IE6 as the default browser, reinstalling Money, etc.  No luck.

Does this experience with a single successful update trigger any
thoughts on how this can be resolved?

Thanks in advance.


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