Downloaded Transactions use first payee

Downloaded Transactions use first payee

Post by STeve » Thu, 23 May 2002 12:49:44

When I download transactions from my bank and then process
them, all transactions that are from manually written
checks get filled in with a randaom Payee.

Similarly, epay or apay transactions downloaded from the
bank that now have check numbers assigned to them,
sometimes don't match up with the original transaction in
the register.  Rather they are matched up with future
transactions with the same dollar amount.

Has anyone experienced this?  Any ideas how to resolve


1. Recurring online payees always downloaded as new ones

I wonder if I am doing something wrong, or Money 2003 dlx and MSN Billpay
are so poorly integrated:

- I have Pacific Bell set up as an e-bill presenter on MSN BillPay
- There is no way to pay this e-bill through Money, if I want to do it, I
will go against a separate payee with the same name
- If I pay the e-bill on MSN BillPay, outside Money, EVERY MONTH it will
create a new payee in Money.

It's bad enough that the two are not coordinated, but the least one would
expect is that the original MSN-created payee is further recognized in Monay
and all future payments are accumulated against it.   This way I only have
two (poor) choices:

- Pay directly from MSN BillPay, and manually merge the separate payees
(which, btw, have indentical data)
- Pay from Money, and keep on accumulated overdue, unpaid e-bills on MSN

Is it really so bad, or have I missed some magic here?


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