Income account

Income account

Post by Fred » Sun, 30 Mar 2003 14:43:34

Is there any way to setup an income account in Money 98?

Income account

Post by Chris Cowle » Mon, 31 Mar 2003 04:47:09

Money treats income and expense as categories. Assets and Liabilities are
accounts. From the way you're asking the question, though, I don't think
that's the answer you need. What are you trying to accomplish? Give a little
more detail and you'll get a more specific answer.
Chris Cowles
Gainesville, FL

Quote:> Is there any way to setup an income account in Money 98?
> Fred


1. Income Accounts??

I am currently putting my income into my bank checking account using the
paycheck option to split where the money goes (gross, medical insurance
deductions, taxes.....).  Recently I have started contributing to a
retirement plan that is taken directly from my check before I see it.  I
have set up a retirement account and would like to be able to transfer the
money into the retirement account (cash account) but the paycheck option
only allows deposits into one account.  Is there a way to do this so my
paycheck split will reflect my actual paycheck stub or do I set up another
recurring deposit from my employer and have the donations and the employer
contribution put into the retirement account.  This does not bother me
except I end up with four payments per pay day (my wife works at the same
facility) and have to set up two different recurring payments.
    While I have your attention I was also wondering if certain recurring
payments could have the reminder date changed.  For example I have payments
I send through the mail(electric bill, phone bill...) that I like to be
reminded 10 working days  in advance of their due date.  However, I have
several bills I pay in person on the day they are due (daycare....).  With
the current option I am left looking at a payment reminder for 10 days that
I will take in person or I have to change the payment due date back 10 days
so it will remind me on the date it is actually due.  This creates some
confusion when trying to remember which bills are actually due and which are
reminders 10 days in advance.

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