Great Home Equity Loans, Right Now!

Great Home Equity Loans, Right Now!

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Surf to Equity Home Loans, today!  Your equity is your credit.  If you
have equity in your home, you can have a generous line of credit.  Do
you want some credit, so you can get a new car or do you want to make
some household repairs?

Your equity is your credit at Equity Home Loans!  Visit now!


1. Home Equity Loans

Hello folks,

I'm interested in hearing ideas about how to setup a home equity loan
(HELOC) in Money 06 such that it will correctly allocate principal and
interest.  The problem is that this particular loan is an "interest first"
loan where all of the interest is paid off first and then the principal is
paid.  Yea....what a scam.  But it worked as a short term solution.


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