How to get rid of an incomplete online call?

How to get rid of an incomplete online call?

Post by Belinda Boulte » Wed, 29 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Since last July, I've been unable to download my E*Trade statement from within Money 99 (I've just installed Money 2000 but nothing about this problem has changed). First, Money tells me that a previous call was interrupted and must be completed before I can continue, and I click OK. Then Money makes a secure connection and appears to be downloading the financial data when the following message appears:
  E*Trade Securities: There is a problem with the data received from this online provider. If the problem persists, call the provider's customer service number for help.
I downloaded a log file for this call and found that it ends abruptly at the stock symbol GEOC. Aha! That company was purchased by Cisco last July and no longer exists. It seems I had initiated a call to E*Trade before GEOC was purchased, but that the call was interrupted for some reason. By the time I tried to complete the call, GEOC no longer existed, so Money now thinks there is a problem with the data. Meanwhile I have manually removed the GEOC shares in Money and added the new CSCO shares, so if I can ever get rid of the old incomplete call the problem should go away.

I have explained the situation to four or five different people at E*Trade, and their final answer was that they couldn't help me, to call Microsoft. Does anybody here know how I can get rid of the old, incomplete call from last July and start fresh?

Belinda Boulter


How to get rid of an incomplete online call?

Post by Cal Learn » Thu, 30 Sep 1999 04:00:00

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1. Getting Rid of Mis-named Investment from Online Statement

A sticky one here, folks:  How do I get rid of a mis-named investment that
appears in one of my online statements?

I have several investment accounts that contain Microsoft Corporation stock.
 I have an Investment in MS Money named "Microsoft Corp" with the stock
symbol MSFT.  When I connect online, these accounts are updated with the
current price of Microsoft stock.  That works fine.

However whenever I receive online updates for one of these accounts and go
to update it, Money indicates there is a line in the statement for "Microsoft
Stock".  The number of shares matches the number of shares of "Microsoft
Corp" that are already in the account.
   * If I respond "No I'll make adjustments myself", I get the same
notifcation of the need to add these shares every time I run online updates.  
And I have to manually select the No option each time (very annoying, and I'm
worried I'll forget some time and will accidentally leave it at the default
"Make the adjustments" with the results in the next bullet).
   * If I approve the automatic adjustment Money wants to make, then I wind
up with X shares of "Microsoft Corp" AND X shares of "Microsoft Stock" --
double the correct number of shares in the account (confirmed in paper
statements and when viewing the account balances at the brokerages web site).
 Oddly, it does not adjust the "Microsoft Corp" total even though it should
not appear in the list of investments on the statement.

I have tried to "Rename" both of the accounts, but I always get the message
that there is another account using the same name (or stock symbol) and so it
can't be renamed.  I tried to Merge the investments, but they do not appear
on the "Merge your duplicate accounts" list.

I don't want to just leave it the way it is, because there is no stock
symbol associated with the "Microsoft Stock" investment.  That means the
value does not automatically update when all other prices do.  I have to wait
until the next time I update statements to get a current price, and so I
don't have an accurate view of the value of my portfolio in the interim.

How can I fix this problem?

Thanks in advance!


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