Downloaded transactions assigned incorrect payee

Downloaded transactions assigned incorrect payee

Post by Scot » Fri, 26 Dec 2003 05:08:51

Money 2003 Delux is auto-assigning the wrong payee to
transactions that are downloaded from my bank.

Money is using the last payee in the list (prior to
downloading new transactions) and assigning that payee to
all new transactions.  Is this some sort
of "productivity" feature that I can turn off (I'd prefer
to shoot it in the head), or is it a bug or data file



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Hi - I was wondering if anyone has had any resolution to a few messages
posted a while back regarding an incorrect payee being assigned when
downloading from a bank.

I got my Power Company's name assigned to a Grocery Store transaction.  When
I hover the mouse over the Cobb EMC transaction, it says "Payee Aliased from
Kroger" (Kroger is the correct payee).

I checked the Payee list and Payee rules, and nothing is amiss there.

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