Report loses split transactions when you drop one PAYEE

Report loses split transactions when you drop one PAYEE

Post by Stev » Sun, 15 Dec 2002 06:07:55

  I'm a skilled, long-term user of Money with Deluxe & BUsiness 2002.  I've
got the standard Income vs Spending report.  When I 'unselect' one Payee
whose transactions I don't want to show up in the report, that payee's
transactions do disappear, but so do all transactions that are involved in
split payments.  That's ALL transactions involved in SPLITS, whether or not
they have anything to do with the designated PAYEE.  Has anyone else
reported this bug, and are they likely to fix it?  Has anyone else seen



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Here is the situation:

Bank 1 Account with following transaction:

withdrew $100 in cash of which:
         $ 20 were spent on lunch (category Food:Lunch)
         $ 80 were deposited to Bank 2 Account

Now alongwith $80 that were deposited to Bank 2 Account,
another $30 in cash were deposited to that account.

So I want to create a split transaction in Bank 1 Account:

$20 Food:Lunch
$80 Transfer:Bank 2 Account

And another split transaction in Bank 2 Account:

$80 Transfer:Bank 1 Account
$30 Deposit

But money does not allow me to do this.

The reason I need to keep both these transactions as split
transactions and cannot make individual entries for the
splits, is because, I download account activity from both
the Banks and Bank 1 download has to match a $100 entry
while Bank 2 download has to match $110 entry.

Using Money2001/Win2k.

Any ideas ?


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