Installation problems

Installation problems

Post by Andrew Stopfor » Thu, 17 Jun 1999 04:00:00


When you are asked for the serial number you input it ? If so then I
would suggest uninstalling Generator and reinstalling.  Please don't
touch any of the settings in JRun as this can cause problems also.  Let
us know how you go on.

Andrew Stopford
Macromedia Evangelist

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1. Shockwave player installation problems

I'm running Windows2000 SP2 with Explorer 6 and  I have searched on the CD
for the Shockwave Player without success. Neither does Shockwave player
appear on the Add/Remove Windows components dialog. Although Flash seems to
be installed by default, the problem I'm having is with Shockwave. When I go
to a site with a Shockwave control, it tries to install without success even
though I'm logged on as Administrator. I've tried removing Shockwave, but
the problem is still there. The installer loads, but cannot access the Web
through my proxy server and fails.

How can I install Shockwave player manually or through a proxy server (which
needs a password)? Surely it is in the interest of Macromedia that everyone
can install Flash and Shockwave player so that all of its client's web sites
can be viewed. Why the restriction on Shockwave player distribution?


John Perceval

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