macromedia.drumbeat read-only as of 2001/01/01

macromedia.drumbeat read-only as of 2001/01/01

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Dear Reader,

As of January 1, 2001, this forum,

search the forum for information; however, it is no longer available for new
posts.  Eventually the archive of this site will be retired also.  If you wish
to access old posts at that time, you may want to try

Although Macromedia will not be maintaining this forum any longer, you may be
able to find other resources set up by Drumbeat enthusiasts by searching the
web.  One good starting point is at the URL!=drumbeat.

The content of the former support center for drumbeat is still available at the
URL  Users are welcome to download
content from this site.

We wish to thank all of the many people who have contributed to this forum;
your community spirit, expertise and willingness to help others learn have been

Roxie Rorapaugh
Server Support Engineer
Macromedia Technical Support