E-commerce edition checkout error

E-commerce edition checkout error

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I have been struggling for several days to get the shopping cart
functioning correctly and have met a problem on the checkout page I
simply cannot resolve.

Setup as follows:

Version DB2k 3.04.411/estore builder v. 2.0
Platform: Pentium 500/128Mb memory; Windows 98; Microsoft PWS
Database: SQL Server 7.0 Desktop edition

I have used QuickStore Complete as my starting point.I am using an
existing database so I have edited the Data Map for the shopping cart
accordingly and in fact modified the design of the orders and order
detail tables to match the supplied examples more closely. After some
difficulty I have got the product search, shopping cart, and user login
to work correctly. The checkout page displays fine, but when I
click "Submit order" I invariably get the following error from the
Microsoft Cursor Engine: 80040e21: "Errors occurred" (very helpful!). I
was pretty sure it must be a data binding or database constraint issue
when inserting rows into either the orders or orderdetail tables, but I
have checked and double-checked the column names, nulls allowed etc.
and can't identify the problem.

Anyone have any idea what might cause this error? If not, any
suggestions for how I can debug, e.g. by displaying the contents of
variables so I can see if data is missing/wrong type etc?

I also have another annoying problem: often, Drumbeat seems to lose the
connection to the database, thus "forgetting" the fieldnames in the
interactions and causing even more problems. I have ended up frequently
deleting and recreating the content tables to restore the connection,
and then re-checking the column names in every interaction -- which is
getting tiresome, to put it mildly. Is this a known problem?

With thanks for any help

Veronica Yuill
Archetype Information Technology

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