NEW Version of DB?

NEW Version of DB?

Post by JeRm » Fri, 10 Dec 1999 04:00:00

ok you macromedia guys !  when are you going to release the next patch to
fix all the "big project bugs", or the next version of DB? do we have to
wait till 2001? I hope not!  just asking my company is "thinking" about
Buying all three version of this product, but we want to know when will the
bugs be fixed?  And don't give us that "sorry, but we don't release that
kind of information to the public, blah, blah...."



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XP system-I had the trial version installed then bought the boxed version.  Per instructions, I uninstalled the trial ver. and installed the program using the CD.  Program worked, however, I kept getting the following error message:
"Program files/commonfiles/abobe/web/adobeweb.dll is not a valid windows image.  Check against your installation diskette".  PSE worked but everytime I opened it I got the above error message.  If I double clicked it, it went away.  So I moved the adobeweb.dll file to a new dir. then uninstalled PSE and then reinstalled it.  Now the trial version window opens and says it's beyond the 30 days and the program won't open.
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